More Lightweight!  More Powerful!  

          More Safety!  Higher Performance!

         Lithium-ion batteries are one of the most popular types of rechargeable batteries for portable electronics and household appliances; with high energy density, minimum memory effect and low self-discharge rate. LIBs( Lithium- Ion Batteries) are also growing in popularity for military, battery powered electric vehicle, and aerospace applications. Lithium-ion batteries can pose unique safety hazards since they contain a flammable electrolyte and may be kept pressurized. If a LIB is charged too quickly, it might cause a short circuit, leading to explosions and flames.

         The major differences between LFP batteries and ordinary lithium batteries are that LFP batteries do not have safety concerns such as overheating and explosion that they have 4 to 5 times longer cycle lifetimes than lithium batteries and 8 to 10 times higher discharge power.  LiFePO4 is finding a number of roles in vehicle use and backup power.

         Currently, the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the automotive, motorcycle, heavy vehicles, off-road equipment and race cars has rapidly increased; improving charge / discharge performance, reducing weight, volume saving, extending service life, and reduce impact to the environment over traditional lead-acid batteries; these factors make LiFePO4 Batteries the future of battery technology. Mega-Life LiFePO4 batteries are not only the perfect solution to provide the highest performance, efficiency, and service life of batteries used in automobiles, motorcycles and race cars; but also comply with EU RoHS Directive, EU CE certification mark, the United States Federal Communications Commission FCC certification, to provide the best performance and quality assurance.

All new designed shell case ensures security

Endures 10 meter drop-test without any malfunction.
Water-proofing performance under water for 3 meters.(IPX8)

IBMS - Integrate Battery Management System

       Proof of Buddy Club Japan's determination to think out of the box. The all new designed IBMS, operates by constantly checking on key operational parameters  during charging and discharging; such as voltage and current and the battery's internal and ambient  temperature. The monitoring circuits provide data to protect devices which would generate alarms or disconnect the battery from the load or charger should it sense any abnormalities within the batteries parameters.


       For the plant engineer who depends on battery power as the last line of defense against a power blackout or telecommunications network outage, IBMS is the key difference between a smooth operating facility or catastrophic failure. IBMS systems encompass not only the monitoring and protection of the battery but also methods for keeping it ready to deliver full power when called upon and methods for prolonging its life. This includes everything from controlling the charging regimen to scheduling planned maintenance.

       For the automotive engineer, the Integrate Battery Management System is a component of a much more complex fast acting Energy Management System which must also integrate with other on-board  systems such as engine management, climate controls and safety systems.

High discharge characteristics

LiFePO4- Ultimate Safety , No Acid , No Risk

  • Resistance To Oxygen Loss- LiFeP04' s cathode material is intrinsically safe. The material is highly resistant to oxygen loss, which could cause a battery explosion under extreme heat. The scientific reason for this protection is that the oxygen is covalently bonded to non-transition metal within the battery, preventing oxygen from leaving the structure even after overheating .

  • Reduced Risk Of Phosphate Decomposition- Thermal and chemical stability improve the safety of LiFeP04 technology over conventional battery designs.

  • LiFeP04 is unlikely to undergo phosphate decomposition, a  chemical process that releases oxygen from the  battery cell structure.

  • Phosphate decomposition would only occur in your LiFeP04battery under extremely high temperatures (usually more than 800 degrees Celsius).

  • LiFeP04 technology is widely regarded as one of the safest ways to power a battery-operated application. Safety devices such as fuses, thermal switches, heat sinks and diodes found in most lithium batteries prevent overheating and dangerous fires, but  LiFeP04 goes the extra mile with a lower voltage per cell, keeping your battery even cooler and safer.

Car Battery and Jumper Cables

MegaLiFe Battery has led the Industry, with multiple patented designs that had reached“5S”to perfect quality realm!

Safety !

Multiple protection : Overcharge voltage, over discharge current, over-temperature (over heat) protection.
Short circuit protection :
Prevent from electrical wire burning, to ensure for safe driving.
Guarantee commitments :
Water proof, shock proof, three years warranty from manufacturing date.

Smart !

Intelligent type IC circuit : Automatically adapt and determine the movement of the vehicle, like starting engine etc...and to comply with the vehicle electrical energy demand. Providing stable output current and extended electrical alliances life.
Exception warning function : vehicle generator fault alarm 
mechanism in order to avoid trouble while driving. Automated low battery drain cut-off with a secondary reserve battery pack for emergency startup.


Standby Power Design : Spared, isolated capacity for jump starting for drained out situation like head lamps forgot
Design for maintenance : with communication interface and its simplicity in structure, quick in repairing time.
Foolproof Design : no need to do the maintenance (maintenance free), suitable for lead-acid battery charger and 
comply with harsh environmental demands.
Wide range applicable : Modularized terminal allow an easy switch to comply with different specification of cars.

Save Energy !

High electrical discharge rate : Improve flashover voltage spark plug, fuel-efficient in gasoline engine, high engine 
High energy conversion : fast in charging speed, reduce engine load.
Increase Output Power : Significant improvement in air-conditioning, lighting and car audio performance.

Emergency startup button


Green products : Non-toxic. non-pollution, comply with RoHS environmental standards.

Wide application range

     Our batteries have the 1:1 when compared to the original battery on your vehicle. Therefore, you DO NOT need any modifications and relocations when you change to our Mega-LiFe battery.

      We offer you a lighter weight (up to 30% of weight compare to lead-acid batteries) and longer life battery (up to years of lifetime, over 1500 full recharging cycles).
Better performance so you can improve your car presentation and allow you to save fuel!


MegaLiFe for Racing