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The ‘LiFe’ in MEGA·LiFe batteries refers to the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry used.  LiFePO4 or LFP batteries retain all the benefits of any lithium battery but are significantly safer and are not prone to the overheating and explosive issues found in other chemistries (LIPO or lithium polymer chemistry found in mobile phones for example). 

This chemistry allows for charge/discharge rates up to 10x that of lead acid chemistry (including AGM, Gel, flooded, sealed, etc).  Benefits also include full depth of discharge capability, up to 1/3 the weight and 5 times the cycle life of conventional lead acid!

If you have any questions, we also offer maintenance services that can guide you through the course of setting up the battery for your automobile. Just contact us by phone or email. 


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Safety, Saving, Satisfaction, Sustainability and Smart

  • Safety: Protections for over-charge voltage, over-discharge current, and over-heating.

  • Saving: High discharge rate improves flash-over voltage spark plug. Fast in charging, reduce engine workload.

  • Satisfaction: Friendly user interface, monitor on top shows remained voltage. Also, isolated zone ensures never drained battery for a crucial jump-start.

  • Sustainability: Non-toxic, comply with RoHS restriction

  • Smart: Intelligent IC Circuit: Stable current output prolongs the life of electrical units.

What Module Fits My Car?

Why Should I Choose Mega-Life Battery?


  • Our product line covers over 85% of types of vehicles, motorcycles, and karts on the current market.

  • Our batteries have the 1:1 when compared to the original battery on your vehicle. Therefore, you DO NOT need any modifications and relocations when you change to our Mega-LiFe battery.

  • Our batteries are also qualified for racing cars use.

  • We also accept special OEM requests from the motorsports industry.

  • Just drop us a line for your demand. 

  • We offer you a lighter weight (only 30% of weight compare to batteries from other manufacturers) and longer life battery (up to 5 years of lifetime, over 3000 times of recharging).

  • Better performance so you can improve your motor's presentation and allow you to save up your vehicle's fuel for better fuel constructions.

  • We have our one and only IBMS (integrate battery management system) control unit so our battery can be balanced when it is charged, discharged, or charging. This guaranteed safety on not only the battery but also your cars when in accidents (prevent sparks or fire from happening).

  • EMERGENCY SPARE BATTERY! you DO NOT need to worry about your car stopping because your car will have its spare battery!

Do You Provide Warranty?

Is It Safe?


  • Guarantee for replacement- For first three years starting from the date you purchased the product.

  • Repair any technical issues under normal use. 


Not all lithium batteries are safe, but we guarantee that we have the safest lithium battery on the market. 

Mega-LiFe batteries use LiFePO4 

Our batteries are not hazardous, and they possess no negative health hazards or environmental hazards.